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Błażej Sarzalski        27 September 2016        Comments(4)

I had a number of business immigration queries recently.

The people were mailing me from all over the world, especially from Middle East and asking about business immigration to Poland. I felt I was not ready to offer such services because of lack of sufficient practice in this field. I have often rejected these queries and trust me I was not happy with that. The worst thing one can do is to reject someone’s call for help.

My unhappiness turned me on a track to find somebody who can help my clients with achiving their European dream. Then I have noticed that there is a person who, on regular basis, comments my blog posts on my blog about Polish LLC registration (in polish) with insight about company registration for foreigners. Following this trail I discovered that this person helps clients from Middle East and Africa to get Polish business visa and temporary residence card.

Well, what I needed to do is to hire him.

And that is what I did :)

So from now on all clients interested in company formation in Poland or business immigration to Poland can count on our professional approach and will get high chances in receiving Polish visa and temporary residence card.

What we do?

  • we form a company in Poland (LLC),
  • we help LLC shareholders to get Polish visas (issuing invitations, covering letters, hotel bookings, contact with consulate, sharing important materials to learn before visa application),
  • we help shareholders to get visas for their family members,
  • we contact the Polish consulate,
  • prepare all documents for Polish Immigration Office in order to receive temporary residence card.

You can contact us and write about your needs. Please leave your e-mail, phone number and Skype Id and you will be contacted back promptly.

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Kamal Gunasinghe September 4, 2017 at 14:08


I want to form the business and migrate to poland with my family.
How can we start this?
How much do we need ?


Błażej Sarzalski September 5, 2017 at 11:18

Dear Kamal, please be aware that you are writing on a public forum. If you are willing to obtain an offer, please kindly send me an email or querry via contact form:


Shivam gupta November 1, 2017 at 22:46

Sir i want to open up a LLC company in poland . I had applied for tourist visa along with my brother to poland but unfortunately visa was rejected by embassy . Now i want to establish company in poland soo please tell me which visa will help me to enter in poland and what is the procedure..



Błażej Sarzalski November 2, 2017 at 09:34

Dear Sir, you will have to wait about 6 months for next visa application.


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