Business trip to Riga, Latvia

Błażej Sarzalski        13 February 2017        Please comment!

What I like to most in my current work is possibility of meeting new people and exploring new places, usually the ones I would have never choosen if not my business. As I am absolutely fascinated in Balkan region and feel the best when the weather is warm and sun is shining I usually prefer Adriatic or Aegan for my holiday voyages.

This time though fate and business needs have thrown me in totally different direction.


I have never been so far north and quite frankly do not know what to expect but I am eager to find out.

I am planning to conclude agreement with one of Latvian banks, reknown for its bank secrecy and superb services, in order to provide my clients with possibility to open bank accounts in Latvia.

I also expect to have some free time in Riga, so in case you are interested in company formation in Poland and it happens that you stay or visit Riga in next couple of days then please kindly contact me so we can schedule a meeting and talk about your business plans.

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