How can I order Polish LLC formation services?

Błażej Sarzalski        23 October 2015        Please comment!

Somebody has told me that British are used to talk to their local law firms in relation to all legal problems they meet, including problems involving other countries. “You will never make it Blazej” he said. The other person has told me that Americans use two words that describe their attitude towards things happening in […]

Who can help you in your legal problems in Poland?

Błażej Sarzalski        06 October 2015        Comments(3)

I am a lawyer. The term ‘lawyer’ is very broad and in reality of Polish legal system it can be referred to any person who graduated Legal Faculty. After graduation one can follow different paths of career and become a judge, a public prosecutor, a notary, an advocate (Polish word ‘adwokat’ often also translated as […]