How can I order Polish LLC formation services?

B艂a偶ej Sarzalski        23 October 2015        Please comment!

Somebody has told me that British are used to talk to their local law firms in relation to all legal problems they meet, including problems involving other countries. “You will never make it Blazej” he said.

The other person has told me that Americans use two words that describe their attitude towards things happening in life or work. Something can be awsome or inspiring. Awsome it is when you do really great, inspiring when you do not do great, but your positive attitude can inspire you to become better in every aspect of your life.

Well, honestly, having much experience in blog writing for Polish customers I have never had a doubt about the sense of what I do. At the very beginning I expected difficulties but with time, new orders and new customers my perspective changed. Let’s just say that as for now I am suprised if I do not get dozens of e-mails and comments every day from people looking for my professional advice in Poland.

With Your LLC in Poland I have to take a step back in time and try to remember my first days in blogging. It is my eight post and I still wait for first comment. I have to say it is inspiring and I feel excited waiting for first customers and comments 馃檪

Being so inspired I thought it will be good idea to tell you about what can I offer as a professional lawyer in Poland not only in a field of Limited Liability Companies in Poland.

But first things first, as LLC formation is core of my Polish business I can offer you:

  • formation of your Polish LLC (sp贸艂ka z ograniczon膮 odpowiedzialno艣ci膮) or corporation,
  • free company name lookup and unlimited name availability searches,
  • reply to your e-mail in 24 hours,
  • PDFs of your filed corporate documents,
  • sworn translation of your corporate documents,
  • apostille,
  • Polish office adress and mail forwarding service,
  • help with VAT registration of your business,
  • ready made companies for your convienience,
  • help in finding reliable accounting and bookkeeping services in Poland.

Besides I can serve you with my advice in a field of Polish law, especially law on contracts, commercial law, civil law and I can be your attorney in all kinds of court and administrative proceedings.

How to order my services? It is very easy.聽 Just contact me.

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