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How do I register a company in Poland?

Błażej Sarzalski03 July 2021Komentarze (0)

If you wonder how can you regsiter a company in Poland then here is all you need to know about company registration in Poland in one blog post.

First of all you need to think about couple of things.

How do I register a company in Poland?

  1. Confirm that you are eligible for company in Poland and that you will not face problems with bank account opening.
  2. Find a lawyer who will help you with company registration.
  3. Choose a name of your company.
  4. Choose a purpose of your company (select your business activities)
  5. Execute the articles of association
  6. Register your company in court register
  7. Decide if you wish/need to register for VAT purposes
  8. Open a bank account.
  9. Get PESEL number.

Am I eligible for a limited company in Poland?

If you are a natural person of 18 years of age then you are most likely eligible to become shareholder and director of Polish limited company. Polish commercial law does not set any nationality restrictions, therefore any person, from anywhere in a world can become a shareholder and a director of Polish limited liability company. This is theory though. You may open a company, but you will not be able to use one if you are resident of a sanctioned country like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and others. Banks will not work with you unless you become a legal Polish resident. So even though there are no nationality restrictions, there are restrictions on your place of residence.

Before you start a company formation procedure better consult a lawyer

How can I find a lawyer who will help me with company registration?

You may use our services but there are many other registered lawyers who provide this kind of services. Before you use this kind of service better check the selected person in one of the following official databases of attorneys and advocates:

https://rejestrradcow.pl/Home/Index – list of attorneys

https://rejestradwokatow.pl/adwokat – list of advocates

Name of Polish limited company

You generally can not use a name which is already used in commerce, as well as other similar names. You can not use the word bank or “towarzystwo ubezpieczeń” (bank or insurance company).

Business activities for Polish companies

In Poland there is no such thing as system of business licences (as known from United Arab Emirates and some other countries), which means that you just need to select some number of business activities for your company. You may not use the limited liability company in Poland to be a bank, insurance company or stock exchange entity.

The articles of association of Polish limited company

You may execute articles personally in a Polish notarial office or through internet if you have certified e-signature accepted in Poland. You may also use a help of Polish attorney, who will act as an organizer of a company execute the articles of association for you. Later he will transfer all rights and duties of company’s shareholder into yourself.

Registration of Polish limited liability company in KRS (court register)

After the articles of association are executed you will have 6 months (in case of notarial articles) or 7 days (in case of internet execution) to apply for company registration. You will require to provide a court with a number of documents, i.a. list of shareholders, directors, addresses of aforementioned people, as well as data of a contact person in case you are not domiciled in European Union. You will also need to pay application fee. Every step must be done by internet system of judiciary, which does not have English or Russian version, so it is advised to get some help from Polish speaking person or attorney.

VAT registration for Polish LLC

In most cases you will need to register for value added tax (VAT). Only if you do not plan to exceed a PLN 200,000.00 limit per year and you are not planning to make international transactions you may not register for VAT (but beware, there are some exceptions, e.g. consultancy services).

Open a bank account for Polish company

This part requires your personal presence in Poland, as banks do not want to open accounts remotely these days for foreign owned companies due to AML policies. You will need to provide detailed information about your business plan, future operations and provide the bank with a proof of wealth and legal possession of your assets.

Get PESEL number

You will most likely need a PESEL number to work with a company, for more information check here.

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