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Major changes in company registration procedure in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski18 July 2017Komentarze (0)

From 13th July the electronic registration procedure for foreigners, who are outside Poland will be much more difficult than it has been before.

How did it work until 13th July? It was possible to create remotely client accounts in electronic system of Ministry of Justice and register a company using only login and password from that system. All that was needed from law firms was power of attorney and passport/other identification document for due dilligence purposes.

How it is now? It is impossible to create full electronic account for a client without his/her personal vistit here in Poland, as everybody (including foreigners) will have to show in person in internal revenue office or social security office to confirm their identity for purposes of creating the full operational account in Ministry of Justice system.

In order to get confirmation one is obliged to have Polish personal number (so called PESEL) and unfortunately it takes time to obtain that number and it is rather difficult for people who are not personally in Poland.

As for now we have the following options:

  • get PESEL number and after having PESEL show in person in internal revenue/social security office/embassy for account confirmation,
  • go to notary office with sworn translator and make a whole procedure traditional way, not using electronic system – which does not require PESEL number but is more expensive and takes longer,
  • buy ready-made shelf company.

In case you are willing to establish your business in Poland, please do not hestiate to contact us in order to get the appropriate solution.

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