About me

My name is Blazej and I run my legal practice in Warsaw, Poland (well, actually my main office is in Dabrowa Gornicza, but honestly I think there is good chance that you have never heard about Dabrowa Gornicza, so you know…). I do my best to be your trusted person in Poland, the one you go to when you want to avoid the pitfalls of Polish legal system.

I am privately interested in traveling, hiking, psychology and legal culture of Islam. My favorite saying comes from the legal culture of Islam and says: “One lawyer can do better with his knowledge to challenge the devil than a thousand ignorant men with their prayers.”

What do I do in my law office? I help you create and run commercial companies in Poland. Since the beginning of my law studies I have been interested in company law, which is why I decided to pursue my interests and help enterpreneurs with creation, registration and day to day basics of Polish Limited Liability Companies.

Since 2010 I have been writing successfull blog about registration of LLC companies in Poland for Polish clients. With my razor tongue I have build strong bond of trust and likness between me and my Polish clients and now the time has come to open for the world.

Last but not least – please pardon my language. It is likely that you will find minor or major (hopefully not) mistakes. I have not used my English very often in recent years, especially in written form. I sincerely hope that I will manage to bring my style to this blog and I hope you will like it.