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Poland – European Tax Haven for year 2017

Błażej Sarzalski13 April 2017Komentarze (0)

With low corporate income tax rate for small businesses (15%) and its position in a center of Europe Poland emerges as a new tax haven for European and international enterpreneurs. This view, although unpopular among the Poles (who due their character often believe that everywhere is better than in Poland), has solid grounds, when it comes to specyfics.

Let us check why:

  • low corporate income tax
  • no compulsory social insurance for corporate entities or its directors,
  • no witholding tax on dividends distributed in accordance with EU regulations,
  • low banking costs (you can find free of charge corporate account with additional fees for debit cards lower than 3 eur/month),
  • qualified workforce,
  • part of Schengen zone and European Union,
  • solid national currency with stable exchange rates.

If you are interested in forming Polish company on all inclusive basis (with local accounting, physical office space, office management and employee recruitment) please contact me.

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tel.: (32) 764-15-80e-mail: blazej.sarzalski@opieka-prawna.eu

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