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Polish business visa and company formation

Błażej Sarzalski07 November 2016Komentarze (6)

The majority of our Clients, especially from the Middle East and Gulf countries, frequently ask us about their first steps in Poland. They have, what is perfectly understandable, concerns and ask how should they start. Do we have to start from company formation – they ask – or should we have to apply for Schengen visa first and only after obtaining Schengen visa can we register business in Europe?

The answer to this question is maybe easier than they expect. Definitely, without the visa, the LLC company in Poland is partially useless for person, who wants to live here and personally manage the company. Schengen visa and full access to the other member states of European Union (not only Poland, as using Schengen business visa you can travel to 27 European countries) are important factors for people to choose Poland as their target point in EU.

What you must know is that having a registered Polish LLC company before you start the visa application process is highly recommended.

Why do I have to open the company in Poland first and apply for the visa in second step?

As we have extensive knowledge and experience about practise of Polish consulates in Middle East, we can give you the most reliable answers.

What you must know is that Polish consular officials must be provided with a proof of real cooperation between you and your Polish business partner and pure statement from your side is not enough, just as well as simple invitation from Polish company. What is needed is the solid evidence of real cooperation. That is why you need to show in Polish consulate the documents of already registered company in Poland, and – by consulate request – provide information about contracts and business relations with other Polish companies so the visa application will be considered more genuine. We can help you with that.

From our side, we will also provide government confirmed invitation letter and officialy signed and stamped hotel booking to even exceed conulate’s expectations.

During visa application process you will need to show that you have a basic knowledge about Polish economy, history and culture, and be prepared for visa interview and frequently asked questions For your convienience we prepared special learning kit, which we send to you as we would like you to feel most comfortable at visa interview.

In case you have any more questions please contact us.

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    Anish Ahmad September 22, 2018 at 14:09

    Hi dear
    I want full information about business setup in or investment in Poland and ger residents visa
    How can possible for me indian citizens this is Anis Ahmad from India
    Investment or capital minimum
    Fees Government charges and expenses facilities benifit other
    Call or WhatsApp 00917874509940 or email anis12776@yahoo.com


    Błażej Sarzalski September 24, 2018 at 09:33

    Dear Mr. Ahmad,

    you have a possibility to ask questions directly via e-mail but by browsing this blog you will find all relevant information you are asking for.


    Mohammad Akram Khan September 21, 2019 at 13:58

    I am residing in Saudi Arabia for the last 39 Years & I want to Establish a Company in Poland to do Trading(Import & Export) of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Material.

    Please provide me the details.

    Thanks and Best Regards.


    iftikhar October 28, 2019 at 20:49

    can Pakistani citizen open a company with polish citizen and get gurantee visa from Pakistan or u can help to get a open work permit
    +92 300 3387868
    whatsapp viber


    Marta October 30, 2019 at 17:30

    Witam, chcę utworzyc spółke z o.o. z obywatelem Pakistanu. Jaka jest możliwość, koszty, chodzi równiez o uzyskanie przez mojego wspólnika wizy aby mógł przyjechać i prowadzic firmę. Umowę spółki możemy podpisać elektronicznie. Ja mam podpis, on może go uzyskać. Interesuje mnie też na początku wirtualne biuro dopuki nie znajdziemy stałej siedziby dla swojej działalności. Czy może to być Kraków ?


    Błażej Sarzalski October 31, 2019 at 09:00

    Pani Marto,

    w sytuacji, którą Pani opisuje najłatwiejszym sposobem byłoby zatrudnienie wspólnika w spółce, która oficjalnie należeć będzie do Pani/kogoś jeszcze innego. Po szczegóły zapraszam do kontaktu prywatnego.


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