Polish corporation with bearer shares – new offshore strategy

Błażej Sarzalski        06 June 2018        Please comment!

Since long time you have been using offshore company and now you face Common Reporting Standard problems and your state is getting more and more agressive when it comes to tax collection? That is a problem indeed and it seems it is a last call to change your offshore business strategy.

In case you come from heavily taxed EU country it may be time to switch to Polish LLC or Polish corporation with bearer shares.

Bearer shares will give you anonimity you desire so much, whilst basic Polish coporate income tax rate is 15% (for businesses with annual profit below euro 1,200,000) and it has been already planned to switch it to 9% in 2019. There are no obligatory social insurance fees for this kind of companies – does it sound good to you comparing with your national LLC or S.A.?


  • low CIT rate – 15% (planned to switch 9% for small businesses in 2019),
  • superb banking services and reliable bank sector in SEPA zone,
  • stable EU country with low unemployment,
  • bearer shares for Polish corporation


  • no corporate directors allowed,
  • Polish corporation requires 3 person supervisory board (ask for our nominee services).


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