As you are here, on my website, you must have a lot of questions regarding Polish companies and my services. Please check this FAQ page as it may answer your initial questions.

In order to form a company you will need:

  • Share capital – you will need at least 5.000 Polish zlotys (smth about 1.250 euro) of share capital to form a limited company in Poland, but in registration process you do not need to give any evidence to the state that this capital was paid – it is enough if the company directors declare that money was paid by shareholders.
  • People – you will need at least one shareholder (member) and at least one manager (one person may hold both offices, although it is not good idea to have single member LLC in Poland as you will be obliged to register in social security office and pay social security fees in case of company owned by individual which is about 250 euro per month). Corporate directors are not allowed, only individuals- but if you have company anywhere in the world it is possible to use it as shareholder and you as a director. Number of directors or shareholders is not limited in any way and you do not have to pay any extra fees for another person. You can get also nominee service.
  • Seat and office – your articles of association (or as we call it a company agreement) will indicate your seat (town or city in Poland where your principal office must be located). Please note! According to the latest practice and judicial decisions so called virtual office or mailing adress may not be enough! It is likely your company will not be registered for value added tax (VAT) pursposes if you do not have real, physical place where management board can meet. Therefore if you choose to form your LLC in Poland you should ask your agent about an office and VAT registration. We work with some reliable companies that provide office solutions with good pricing. There is also large market of offices to let in Warsaw and prices differ – depending on location and standard. Cheapest office is about 10-15 euro per square meter / month.

How can I help you?

– I can take care of all formal aspects of registration – which means that I will register company for you not only in court registry but also for statistical and tax purposes, provide all necessary documents and necessary guidance,
– I can take care of VAT and UE-VAT registration,
– I have contacts to reliable offices that allow people to use their adress for management board meetings which helps with VAT registration and they also offer mail forwarding services – possible cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, Wroclaw (other places subject tofurther research), I can also help you in relation to renting a physical space.
– I can contact you with local banker and help you establish bank account for your company and assist in creating bank account in Poland
– I can also contact you with reliable accountant.

How can you order company formation in Poland?

In order to make full operation I also need:

  • order form filled by client and power of attorney (which I provide),
  • scan of passport and second ID document (driving license, personal ID card) in case of individuals or documents from registry of companies as well as memorandum of association – in case of corporate shareholders. Please note: Some of these documents might need official legalisation or apostille (depending on your country of origin and my due dilligence practises)


Your business will be subject at first to flat 15% corporate income tax in case any income exists and 23% of value added tax in case of any trade between Polish company and other Polish entity (individual or company). In case you will be trading with other EU companies or foreign companies – when you sell them goods/services you will not be taxed with VAT (for export VAT is not charged, for trade with other EU companies the VAT tax rate is 0%) but if you buy from them you will be required to add 23% of local tax, hovewer as also deduct this tax it also is tax neutral for a company. There are no fees for prolonging business licences like in some countries, hovewer you will be obliged to keep books of accounts and file annual raport to Polish court and revenue.

My personal credibility:

I have worked as an licensed barrister in Poland (radca prawny) for last 6 years. You can check my profile on official website of Polish bar:[surname][text]=Sarzalski&adviser_filters[name][text]=&adviser_filters[privileges_number][text]=&adviser_filters[city_id]=

What about visa/residence permit?

Please first check my blog entry about residence permit in Poland.

You will probably get VISA and will be able to travel to Poland in order to run business – the process of obtaing visa for business purposes will require you to provide Polish consulate/embassy with registration documents of your company and other supporting documents (most common is invitation from Polish entity)- you will also be required to have insurance covering your stay in Poland, hotel or other place of accomodation reserved, as well as proof of founds deposited in bank account that will allow you to cover your expanses. You also do not need to have work permit for company’s directors if they work in Poland for less than 6 months in a year.

In order to have residence permit and work permit in case of extended stay you will need to prove Polish autorithies that you have got enough money and resources to run your business and to make it profitable in the future. In fact 5000 zlotys of share capital is usually not enough – depending on a city the amount of 50000 zlotys (which is about 10250 euro) is usually considered enough to get temporary residence permit in Poland. This amount should be deposited on company’s bank account during process of applying for residence permit, money might be deposited as loan from shareholder to his/hers company. In case you have more than one shareholder (or person wishing to obtain permit) the deposited amount should be twice higher. We can assist you in obtaining residence permit and we will inform you about all the important conditions and assist you with filing proper documents but application for residence permit must be made personally by an individual who wishes to get one as his/her personal presence in local administration office is required to get his biometric data (fingerprints and so on).

In case you have any other questions please feel free to ask 🙂