Business trip to Riga, Latvia

Błażej Sarzalski        13 February 2017        Please comment!

What I like to most in my current work is possibility of meeting new people and exploring new places, usually the ones I would have never choosen if not my business. As I am absolutely fascinated in Balkan region and feel the best when the weather is warm and sun is shining I usually prefer Adriatic or Aegan for my holiday voyages.

This time though fate and business needs have thrown me in totally different direction.


I have never been so far north and quite frankly do not know what to expect but I am eager to find out.

I am planning to conclude agreement with one of Latvian banks, reknown for its bank secrecy and superb services, in order to provide my clients with possibility to open bank accounts in Latvia.

I also expect to have some free time in Riga, so in case you are interested in company formation in Poland and it happens that you stay or visit Riga in next couple of days then please kindly contact me so we can schedule a meeting and talk about your business plans.

Is it possible to form a company in Poland with virtual registry adress?

Błażej Sarzalski        17 January 2017        Please comment!

Many clients ask me if weather I provide virtual adress or secretarial services for newly formed companies in Poland. When I say that we make arrangements with secretarial companies all around Poland and we can form a company using so-called “virtual office” or “virtual adress” then usualy another question follows.

Is it legal to form a company in Poland using virtual office?

The answer is not obvious.

While it is perfectly legal to register company using virtual adress of a firm that provides secretarial services, it often happens that companies formed by foreigners or companies with such purpose as international trade (especially electronics, raw materials, steel, fuels) meet problems with registration for value added tax purposes. In fact most of those companies will not be registered as VAT-taxpayers. All because many frauds made by people who register companies in virtual offices.

What can you do if you want to open international trade company in Poland and minimise your costs?

My first advice is to look for inexpensive office solutions in smaller towns and cities. There are plenty of small offices with reasonable lease prices (like 100 – 150 eur per month). If you need an office in bigger city then you may look for firms that offer microoffices with secretarial services, which are usually available for a price starting from 400 eur. The third solution is to focus your business on something else than trade, because consulting firms usually receive VAT registration, even when registered under virtual adress. Then you may change your articles of incorporation and add another company activities.

Lower corporate income tax rate in 2017

Błażej Sarzalski        20 December 2016        Please comment!

Yet another reason to consider company formation in Poland is new regulation regarding corporate income tax.

From the beginning of 2017 A.D. corporate income tax (CIT) rate for newly formed companies in Poland will equal 15% rate. If annual income exceed 1,200.000 euro (including value added tax), the company will be subject to 19% tax rate.

What is also important – there is possibility of exempting dividends from tax, when entity receiving income (revenue) from dividends, as well as other revenues qualified as dividends, is another company which is subject to taxation on the entire of its income in the Republic of Poland or in a European Union member state other than the Republic of Poland, or Switzerland or in another state of the European Economic Area, regardless of where it is earned.

The condition of the exemption is continuous, two-year holding period by the company receiving the dividends required 10% (in the case of Swiss – 25%) of shares in the capital of the company paying the charge. The prerequisite is also met, if this period has elapsed after the date of receiving the dividend.

10 most wanted professions in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        28 November 2016        Please comment!

If you are considering business emigration to Poland you surely ask yourself what professions are sought after in Poland. Our foreign clients often ask us what object of their company’s activity will be best solution for them. While looking not only from market perspective but also from business immigration point of view we offer very simple answer

You should do whatever you feel strong at.

We discovered that our clients are very resourceful people and often skilled in a fields where Polish competition is weak.

Here you will find 10 most wanted professions in Poland.

  1. Engineers
  2. Skilled manual workers
  3. Technicians
  4. Drivers
  5. Sales Representatives
  6. IT professionals
  7. Chefs / Cooks
  8. Project managers
  9. Machine Operators
  10. Employees of accounting and finance.

All that being said it is important to know that Poland is still developing and many foreigners come to make here not only big business but also find place for their smaller enterprise. Maybe you will be next?

Polish business visa and company formation

Błażej Sarzalski        07 November 2016        Please comment!

This post was written with cooperation with by my associate – business imigration consultant, Mr. M. A. Witkowiak, enjoy and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The majority of our Clients, especially from the Middle East and Gulf countries, frequently ask us about their first steps in Poland. They have, what is perfectly understandable, concerns and ask how should they start. Do we have to start from company formation – they ask – or should we have to apply for Schengen visa first and only after obtaining Schengen visa can we register business in Europe?

The answer to this question is maybe easier than they expect. Definitely, without the visa, the LLC company in Poland is partially useless for person, who wants to live here and personally manage the company. Schengen visa and full access to the other member states of European Union (not only Poland, as using Schengen business visa you can travel to 27 European countries) are important factors for people to choose Poland as their target point in EU.

What you must know is that having a registered Polish LLC company before you start the visa application process is highly recommended.

Why do I have to open the company in Poland first and apply for the visa in second step?

As we have extensive knowledge and experience about practise of Polish consulates in Middle East, we can give you the most reliable answers.

What you must know is that Polish consular officials must be provided with a proof of real cooperation between you and your Polish business partner and pure statement from your side is not enough, just as well as simple invitation from Polish company. What is needed is the solid evidence of real cooperation. That is why you need to show in Polish consulate the documents of already registered company in Poland, and – by consulate request – provide information about contracts and business relations with other Polish companies so the visa application will be considered more genuine. We can help you with that.

From our side, we will also provide government confirmed invitation letter and officialy signed and stamped hotel booking to even exceed conulate’s expectations.

During visa application process you will need to show that you have a basic knowledge about Polish economy, history and culture, and be prepared for visa interview and frequently asked questions For your convienience we prepared special learning kit, which we send to you as we would like you to feel most comfortable at visa interview.

In case you have any more questions please contact us.