Company formation in Poland – free consultation

Błażej Sarzalski        20 November 2017        Comments(2)

Anyone interested in our company formation in Poland service is eligible for free 30 minutes of video consultation session by means of Skype or telephone. In order to make an appointment, please kindly contact me via e-mail.

You may have a lot of questions and that is perfectly understandable, as a company formation should not be a decision based on emotions but on solid grounds of fact-checking and me and my fellow consultants are ready to provide you with answers to your questions.

How should I prepare for a free consultation session?

The best way is to write down all important questions you need to ask. We can answer your questions in regard to Polish tax and legal system, business environment in Poland and we will most likely inform you about costs of company formation in Poland and about updated procedures.

In case you have any specyfic needs please kindly send us by e-mail a detailed description, so we can prepare for our talk.

Ready made company with bank account in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        03 November 2017        Comment(1)

At this time we have special offer, which is limited in time, for a company with bank account in Poland.

We have limited liability company for sale, which was dormant for last 5 years and which holds bank account in the biggest Polish bank, PKO BP. The main object of a company’s business, according to its articles of association, is business and management consulting. It has officially 50.000 zlotys of share capital.

This offer is limited in time, as we have only one company of that kind.

Final price for this kind of company, including its registration and all notarial and court fees is 2500 EUR.

Procedure of buying a company in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        11 October 2017        Please comment!

Since recent changes in Polish company registration law we decided to alter our interal procedures.  From now on the company formation procedure in Poland in our firm will be as follows:

  1. We form a company for our client but at the beginning we act as a shareholders of the company.
  2. The client comes to Poland (we of course conviniently pick our clients from the airport in Katowice or Warsaw Chopin or provide detailed information about bus/train transfers).
  3. We formally sell the company to the client in notarial bureau.
  4. We arrange a meeting in a bank were we assist in bank account opening for a company. The client therefore is the only person entitled to make bank transfers on behalf of his company
  5. We also go to the Tax Office, were VAT application is submitted.
  6. All formalities can be made in one day, so if you have convinient plane schedule, you may become a shareholder of a Polish LLC in one day.

In case it is not possible for the client to come to Poland we can sign company purchase agreement by means of correspondence. The client is required to visit Polish embassy to proceed that way. In order to start an operation of the company the client may also wish to appoint a nominee director in Poland.

Please be advised that working companies give better chance to get temporary residence permit for people from outside EU.

Nominee services in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        04 October 2017        Please comment!

Each company in Poland must have a board of directors (pol. zarząd). It means that it is a must to have at least one person in charge of your LLC in Poland and I am sometimes asked a question if it is possible for my firm to provide a person who will serve as professional or as a nominee director for your company.

Since Polish law merges management with full responsibility for debts of the company, it is often difficult to find appropriate nominee, because people are afraid of what the actual director may make with the company. Simoultanously it does not mean that it is impossible to find a nominee for your business.

If you do not want to recruit a professional local director (who we can of course recruit for you), we may be able to nominate reliable and professionally qualified individual to act as a nominee director of your Polish LLC. The scope of that person’s authority and services can be clearly set by contract and internal company regulations.

We can also provide a nominee shareholder for a Poland company where appropriate.

We can also arrange for you limited partnership in Poland with nominee directors from offshore jurisdictions.

We cannot promise to be able to provide this service to every investor for different reasons.

Redomiciliation of individual to Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        04 October 2017        Please comment!

Do you live in Belgium, Germany, France, Norway? Tired of high taxes?

If you want to fully benefit from Polish tax haven as an individual you may consider changing your place of living from the other European country to Poland and become Polish tax resident, Polish company has its benefits but if you need to distribute profits from this company with relatively low taxation to yourself you just need to find a solution.

The best one is to officially change your domicile to Poland.

Our company helps with redomiciliation process – we can arrange for a flat rental, we can help you open local bank account and advise what to do and what not to do in order to sucessfully become Polish tax resident. We will also represent you before tax authorities.