Błażej Sarzalski


Attorney, registered in the Regional Bar in Katowice, CEO at Sarzalski Consulting Sp. z o.o., an expert in a field of formation of commercial companies, corporate law, promissory notes and litigation.
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We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions related to company formation in Poland.

Do I need to be personally present in Poland in order to open a company in Poland?

No, althought your personal presence will make things faster and easier in fact it is not required to conduct company formation process. In case of remote formation we act as company organizers and initial shareholders. After the company is formed we pass the shareholder responsibilities to you. You will be required to visit a notary or Polish embassy in your country of origin.

What is a price for company formation service in Poland and what is included in a price?

Our standard price for limited liability company formation in Poland is EUR 1499 and it covers all company formation costs, taxes and stamp duties. Our standard package includes:

  • registration of limited liability company in national court registry,
  • being your contact person in case you do not have personal address in European Union,
  • corporate income tax registration,
  • virtual address for 12 consecutive months.

Is it possible to form a single shareholder limited liablity company in Poland?

Yes, it is possible to register a single shareholder limited liablility company in Poland, but you will be required to register in Social Insurance Institution and pay social security fees in case the single shareholder is a natural person. Therefore it is advised to have two shareholders involved.

Can I use a corporate director in Polish limited liablity company?

Corporate directors are not allowed, only natural persons. If you have company anywhere in the world it is possible to use it as shareholder and you as a director. Number of directors or shareholders is not limited in any way and you do not have to pay any extra fees for another person.

Do you offer nominee services?

No, we do not offer nominee services.

How can I order company formation service in Poland?

We will require order form and KYC declaration prior to our work. We will most likely require your passport and other ID. Some of these documents might need official legalisation or apostille.

Do you accept clients from Iran, Syria, Pakistan (any other coutry)?

We care about compliance and AML but we are flexible enough to accept clients from non-standard jurisdictions, subject to additional formal requirements and strict compliance check.

What taxes will I have to pay in Poland?

Limited company is subject to a flat 9% corporate income tax rate at the beginning. Standard VAT rate is 23% but registration for VAT purposes is obligatory only if your turnover will be higher than PLN 200.000,00 per year (taken in proportion to the time when company was formed).

In case you will be trading with other EU companies or foreign companies you will not be taxed with VAT (for export VAT is not charged, for trade with other EU companies the VAT tax rate is 0%) but if you buy from them you will be required to add 23% of local tax, hovewer as you can also deduct this tax this is in fact tax neutral for the company.

Are there any fees for business licences?

There are no fees for prolonging business licences like in some countries, hovewer you will be obliged to keep books of accounts and file annual raport to Polish authorities and revenue.

Can I get visa / residence permit using Polish limited company?

Yes, but you will be required to meet some additional criteria for obtaining residence permit in Poland. Please contact us for details.

In case you have any other questions please feel free to ask