10 most wanted professions in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        28 November 2016        Please comment!

If you are considering business emigration to Poland you surely ask yourself what professions are sought after in Poland. Our foreign clients often ask us what object of their company’s activity will be best solution for them. While looking not only from market perspective but also from business immigration point of view we offer very simple answer

You should do whatever you feel strong at.

We discovered that our clients are very resourceful people and often skilled in a fields where Polish competition is weak.

Here you will find 10 most wanted professions in Poland.

  1. Engineers
  2. Skilled manual workers
  3. Technicians
  4. Drivers
  5. Sales Representatives
  6. IT professionals
  7. Chefs / Cooks
  8. Project managers
  9. Machine Operators
  10. Employees of accounting and finance.

All that being said it is important to know that Poland is still developing and many foreigners come to make here not only big business but also find place for their smaller enterprise. Maybe you will be next?

Polish business visa and company formation

Błażej Sarzalski        07 November 2016        Please comment!

This post was written with cooperation with by my associate – business imigration consultant, Mr. M. A. Witkowiak, enjoy and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The majority of our Clients, especially from the Middle East and Gulf countries, frequently ask us about their first steps in Poland. They have, what is perfectly understandable, concerns and ask how should they start. Do we have to start from company formation – they ask – or should we have to apply for Schengen visa first and only after obtaining Schengen visa can we register business in Europe?

The answer to this question is maybe easier than they expect. Definitely, without the visa, the LLC company in Poland is partially useless for person, who wants to live here and personally manage the company. Schengen visa and full access to the other member states of European Union (not only Poland, as using Schengen business visa you can travel to 27 European countries) are important factors for people to choose Poland as their target point in EU.

What you must know is that having a registered Polish LLC company before you start the visa application process is highly recommended.

Why do I have to open the company in Poland first and apply for the visa in second step?

As we have extensive knowledge and experience about practise of Polish consulates in Middle East, we can give you the most reliable answers.

What you must know is that Polish consular officials must be provided with a proof of real cooperation between you and your Polish business partner and pure statement from your side is not enough, just as well as simple invitation from Polish company. What is needed is the solid evidence of real cooperation. That is why you need to show in Polish consulate the documents of already registered company in Poland, and – by consulate request – provide information about contracts and business relations with other Polish companies so the visa application will be considered more genuine. We can help you with that.

From our side, we will also provide government confirmed invitation letter and officialy signed and stamped hotel booking to even exceed conulate’s expectations.

During visa application process you will need to show that you have a basic knowledge about Polish economy, history and culture, and be prepared for visa interview and frequently asked questions For your convienience we prepared special learning kit, which we send to you as we would like you to feel most comfortable at visa interview.

In case you have any more questions please contact us.

Business immigration to Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        27 September 2016        Comments(2)

I had a number of business immigration queries recently.

The people were mailing me from all over the world, especially from Middle East and asking about business immigration to Poland. I felt I was not ready to offer such services because of lack of sufficient practice in this field. I have often rejected these queries and trust me I was not happy with that. The worst thing one can do is to reject someone’s call for help.

My unhappiness turned me on a track to find somebody who can help my clients with achiving their European dream. Then I have noticed that there is a person who, on regular basis, comments my blog posts on my blog about Polish LLC registration (in polish) with insight about company registration for foreigners. Following this trail I discovered that this person helps clients from Pakistan, UAE, India, Syria and other Middle East countries to get Polish business visa and temporary residence card.

Well, what I needed to do is to hire him.

And that is what I did :)

So from now on all clients interested in company formation in Poland or business immigration to Poland can count on our professional approach and will get high chances in receiving Polish visa and temporary residence card.

What we do?

  • we form a company in Poland (LLC),
  • we help LLC shareholders to get Polish visas (issuing invitations, covering letters, hotel bookings, contact with consulate, sharing important materials to learn before visa application),
  • we help shareholders to get visas for their family members,
  • we contact the Polish consulate,
  • prepare all documents for Polish Immigration Office in order to receive temporary residence card.

You can contact us and write about your needs. Please leave your e-mail, phone number and Skype Id and you will be contacted back promptly.

These are the best Polish cities to start a business in

Błażej Sarzalski        25 July 2016        Comments(2)

If you ask yourself where to set up your business in Poland I have some good choices for you. Just check.

Warsaw (Warszawa)

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is also a capital of Polish business. With its 1,7 million inhabitants it is the largest city in Poland and well renown business center of Eastern Europe. You will find here well estabilished middle class with enough money to buy your strangest ideas. Warsaw produces 12% of Poland’s national income In 2012 the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Warsaw as the 32nd most liveable city in the world. It was also ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Central Europe. If you run your business on a massive scale then this is city should be your first choice. Warsaw is easy accessible by air (two international airports), train (direct trains from Berlin/Vienna) and roads (A2 highway from Poznań and Berlin, A1 highway from Gdansk, S8 road from Katowice, Wrocław).



Katowice, the largest city in Silesia district is a center of 4 million people conurbation. During communist times it was important center of coal mining industry, the city is still characterized by its working class strength and attracts many people from neighbouring cities. As for now Katowice is trying to choose its new path as vivid cultural center, a place where you can go to a museum, gallery or theater but also enjoy nightlife and outdoor activities. Upper Silesia has the best road system in Poland, it is also very well connected with other major Polish cities and neighbouring countries with Katowice Airport being constantly modernised in order to meet the highest standards with the longest runway in Poland up to date. It has also very unusual sight in its city center for this place in Europe: date palms around the main market. Best place for logistic centers and heavy industry.  The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Poland, at 2%. The city is still characterized by its working class strength and attracts many people from neighbouring cities.


Cracow (Kraków)

Kraków, former Polish capital, placed 60 km east of Katowice is thriving multicultural city famous for its medieval architecture, thousand of restaurants, bars and shops and Jewish Culture Festival that has its place here every summer. You will find monumental churches, old synagogues and even one small mosque. Place worth to choose for all enterprises connected with science, computers, tourism, music, culture or food. It is also well communicated with neighbouring major cities and has international airport. ily. There are about 50 large multinational companies in the city, including Google, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell along with other British, German and Scandinavian-based firms.



When I first came to Poznań, during my studies I was amazed by the atmosphere of the city. Today Poznań is a mixture of its rich history and modern solutions, easily accessible from air nad ground it is a good base for all businesses wishing to commence trade with Germany.  Poznań had very low unemployment rate (about 2-3%). Many Western European companies have established their Polish headquarters in Poznań or in the nearby towns of Tarnowo Podgórne and Swarzędz. Most foreign investors are German and Dutch companies.


Breslau (Wrocław)

Old German city of Wrocław have not lost its character under Polish rule. Another place where history meets modern era. Center of science and culture. It is also statistically the warmest major city in Poland. Wrocław’s industry manufactures buses, trams, railroad cars, home appliances, chemicals, and electronics. The city houses factories and development centers of many foreign and domestic corporations. It is major center of pharmaceutical industry.


Tricity (Trójmiasto)

A metropolitan area in northern Poland consisting of three cities in Pomerania: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, as well as minor towns nearby them. They are situated adjacent to one other, in a row on the coast of  Baltic Sea. Nearly 35% taxpayers from Tricity are in the middle and high taxable income groups (average for Poland 10%). Approximately 12% of Tricity taxpayers are in highest taxable income group (Polish average 3%). Center of tourism and ship industry.


How to open corporate bank account in Poland?

Błażej Sarzalski        29 February 2016        Please comment!

Some people ask me weather is it possible to open corporate bank account in Poland without personal presence of company’s director. Although it seems that some European banks somehow deal with this problem, here in Poland personal presence of company’s representative is necessary. It does not mean that it must be company’s director – it is enough if company is represented by the attorney-in-fact on a basis of power of attorney.

For practical reasons though I advise to come to Poland in person.


Once you are in hands of bank official, you will be required to present couple of documents:

  • articles of association,
  • shareholder list,
  • current information from National Registry of Enterpreneurs,
  • passport
  • second ID may be required.

As Polish bank practice does not know anything about utility bills (every Polish citizen has an obligation to have place of registered stay and every company has a place of registered seat) you will not be probably asked to provide any for directors and company itself. In cities and tourist areas it is likely that you will be interviewed in English but in smaller branches you will probably need a help of interpreter.

In case you look for someone who has experience in helping foreign owned companies with opening bank account in Polish bank please contact me.