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Błażej Sarzalski        28 December 2015        Comments(5)

Since my blog is getting more popular people start to ask questions.

One of the most popular is:

If I register a company will I get a temporary residence permit in Poland to start my business here?

And the answer is:

It depends

If the aim of a foreigner’s stay in Poland is to conduct business activity in the country through Polish company, a temporary residence permit for the purposes of conducting business activity may be granted subject to the following conditions:

a) the foreigner has health insurance (which means that you have to apply for public health insurance – in single member LLC it is obligatory to apply for it as a sole shareholder)

b) the foreigner has a source of stable, regular income sufficient to cover his own living costs and those of family members supported by him (in 2015, this threshold is 514 PLN per family member or 634 PLN in the case of a single-person household. Documents confirming stable income may be, for example, an employment contract, a contract of mandate, etc.)

c) the foreigner has obtained the consent of the competent authority to work in a certain position or in a specific profession if the obligation to obtain such consent is required by law;

d) the foreigner has a guaranteed place of residence in Poland (you must register your place of residence in competent authority and obtain certificate).

Moreover, the company run by the foreigner should meet the following requirements:

  • in the fiscal year preceding the submission of an application for a temporary residence permit issued for the purpose of conducting business activity its revenue was not lower than 12 times the average monthly remuneration for the third quarter of the year preceding the submission of the application, as announced by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) in the voivodeship where the seat of the company is located or where the foreigner resides or it has employed for an indefinite period of time and on a full-time basis at least 2 Polish citizens or foreigners who have the right to undertake work in Poland without a work permit, for a period of at least 1 year preceding the submission of the application for a temporary residence permit; or
  • it should prove that it possesses the means and conditions required to meet the criteria specified above in the future, or that it conducts activities that will allow it to meet these criteria in the future through activity contributing to an increase in investments, transfer of technology, introduction of beneficial innovations or the creation of new work places.

What does this legal mumbling means?

You need to prove Polish autorithies that you have got enough money and resources to run your business and to make it profitable in the future. In fact 5000 zlotys of share capital is usually not enough.  Polish LLC is good way to get residence permit in EU country but you must meet special conditions.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact me.

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MANOJ October 25, 2016 at 08:51

We are business consultancy firm based in UAE.

As we want to get Self-employed entrepreneurship residency for POLAND with your help.

Can you please send more details like process/expenses/required documentation/ duration/your services?


Błażej Sarzalski November 7, 2016 at 09:40

Dear Manoj, please check you e-mail :)


sumit kumar manav July 12, 2017 at 13:24

Dear sir. This is sumit manav and I am writing you this mail regarding setting up a branch in poland.
We are lifestyle yoga baand u UAL and we are in marketing for more than 9 year. We see some opportunity to start the breach of our well stabling yoga centre I poland
Kindly let us know howhat we can proceed. Thasks


Błażej Sarzalski July 12, 2017 at 13:27

Please kindly check your email.


hafeez September 9, 2017 at 07:00

Dear Błażej Sarzalski,

i want to open a company in poland with TRP, please let meknow how much total expense
to open a company and trp,


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