5 reasons why you should consider LLC in Poland

Błażej Sarzalski        02 September 2015        Please comment!

There are many reasons to use a Limited Liability Company (LLC)  in Poland for your startup, and here are five of the best:

  1. Flat corporate tax rate. Altough Polish often complain on level of taxation in our country the fact is that effective corporate tax rate is below European and even world average. We have 19% flat corporate income tax (CIT) in Poland, whilst the effective taxation equals something about 17,5% (scientific source is here). Foreign corporations often use effective tax planning strategies to optimise taxes or transfer some of their profits abroad.
  2. 38,5 million people. Poland is one of the biggest markets in Europe. It is sixth biggest EU country by population and seventh in terms of territory. You will have plenty of customers, for sure!
  3. Stable economic growth. Even in times of world financial crisis Poland maintainted its stable economic growth which is one of the biggest in European Union (source is here).
  4. Membership in European Union. You will have access to whole Eurpean market as Poland is part of European Union and Polish companies enjoy freedom of trade and enterprise in whole EU. You will not have to pay any customs for sales to the other member states.
  5. Friendly and well educated people. If you come to Poland you will experience friendliness of Polish people and you will discover that many of them (about 34%)  are able to hold conversation in English (okey, it is not the Netherlands where almost whole population speaks English, but still better than Slovakia – 26%, Czech Republic – 27%,  Bulgaria – 25% or Spain – 22%) – not bad for former Soviet block country. Source is here.

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